Richard Wagner: Götterdämmerung

Christian Franz, Robert Bork, Wolfgang Koch, John Tomlinson, Deborah Polaski, Anna Gabler, Petra Lang, Deborah Humble, Cristina Damian, Katja Pieweck, Ha Young Lee, Maria Markina, Ann-Beth Solvang, Philharmoniker Hamburg, Simone Young

With the fourth part of the “Ring des Nibelungen”, the curtain descended on the central work of Richard Wagner.
After “Siegfried” OehmsClassics presented “Götterdämmerung” from Hamburg in an excellent cast. Simone Young created a sensation with the Hamburg Philharmonic at the premiere; Claus Guth’s directing concept was variably received by public and press.
The features of the 4-CD box are of high quality, as with the previous productions from Hamburg: alongside an extensive preface by Udo Bermbach, the booklet also includes the libretto in German and English.